Thursday, February 11, 2016

This is Sydney

My city has this smell of corruption

My city stinks like developers greed

2 century stench of a people's destruction

Their unheard screams and we collectively bleed

My city feels like something's missing
My city's turning into a vapid hole
$30 Merivale appropriated peasant food

Seems a fair exchange for our soul

My city jumps at command of the Packers

Easily manipulated, much to Murdoch's glee

We give more welfare to big polluters (oh hai Gina!)

than any single "Aborigine"

I wanna storm state parliament house

I wanna close Villawood detention centre now

Take a shit on the Premier's desk

Screaming, "THIS IS FUCKING SYDNEY!" as his goons take me down

(attn: Police etc, google metaphor, cheers) 

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